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Octopus HYDRA

The Octopus HYDRA (double arm) retractor holder replicates a pair of human arms with shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Tightening or loosening the thumbscrew on the elbow joint simultaneously affects all three joints. This enables surgeons to fix the arms in any desired position. The wrist joint holds a wide range of retractors depending on the needs of the specific operation.

All Octopus retractor holders come with the Octopus 3D/Swinger STANDARD as standard but are also available with other 3D/Swinger versions, JUMBO joints* or a folding 22" arm**.

Technische Beschreibung

Octopus HYDRA 17" (43 cm) arm Art. No. OCH17
Octopus HYDRA 22" (56 cm) arm Art. No. OCH22
Octopus HYDRA 26" (66 cm) arm Art. No. OCH26
Octopus HYDRA 30" (76 cm) arm Art. No. OCH30
Octopus HYDRA 32" (81 cm) arm Art. No. OCH32
*JUMBO joints were specially developed for bariatric surgery. The shoulder and elbow joints as well as all connections are larger. This makes the instrument stronger and able to withstand larger forces.
**The folding 22" arm was specially developed for use with small sterilisation containers or smaller reprocessing systems. The arm length can be shortened from 56 to 42 cm.

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