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The Octopus RIB GRIP KIT makes it possible to optimally expose the abdominal area for transplant and bariatric surgery. Two clear benefits of the design are its simple installation and huge versatility. The extra-long, toothed stanchions enable surgeons to adjust the position of the retractors during operations if necessary so as to provide the required tension and perfect exposure. They also reduce the occurrence of armpit trauma, which often occurs as a result of lengthy operations.

The Octopus RIB GRIP KIT comes with the Octopus 3D/Swinger GROOVES as standard, but is also available with other 3D/Swinger versions.

Technische Beschreibung

Octopus RIB GRIP KIT 22" (56 cm) arm Art. No. OCR22G
Octopus RIB GRIP KIT 26" (66 cm) arm Art. No. OCR26G
Octopus RIB GRIP KIT 32" (82 cm) arm Art. No. OCR32G

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